Beginning Salesforce DX: Versatile and Resilient Salesforce Application Development

Refer to the practical guidance provided in this book to develop Salesforce custom applications in a more agile, collaborative, and resilient way using Salesforce Developer Experience (DX).

  • Learn how to setup a Salesforce DX development environment
  • Understand the key Salesforce DX concepts and the Salesforce CLI
  • Work with Dev Hubs, projects, orgs, metadata and version control systems
  • Improve quality with test users and test data
  • Bootstrap pro-code development with templates
  • Apply Salesforce DX to an end-to-end package development project

Ivan Harris

After graduating from Lancaster University with a degree in Electrical and Electronic
Engineering, I spent the first 15 years of my career in the aerospace and defence industry, designing, writing and testing safety-critical embedded software.
During the second half of my career, I held several C-level technology and product leadership roles, helping B2B software companies bring innovative new solutions to market. Domains included games software development tools, information management and security, mobile network optimisation, mobile network renewable energy, public cloud application development and artificial intelligence.

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