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My passion for Salesforce, artificial intelligence and product management all combine when developing customizations for Salesforce Service Cloud that include Salesforce Einstein.
Contact centres are facing mounting pressure. Customer inquiry volumes are growing, the range of service channels is proliferating and customer expectations are on the rise. How do contact centres using Service Cloud address these challenges, whilst maintaining or improving customer satisfaction? What can they do to absorb traffic growth and deal with increasing complexity, yet retain the agility needed to respond to rapidly evolving demands?


To help absorb increasing traffic volumes, Salesforce Einstein can be added to Service Cloud. It resolves repetitive inquiries using automation, allowing service agents to focus on more complex issues. For inquiries that cannot be resolved automatically, Einstein can assist agents in resolving inquiries more quickly, accurately and consistently.
To enhance business agility, and support the repeatable and scalable rollout of custom Service Cloud functionality, Salesforce DX can be used. This development toolset, and the development models that it supports, is used to develop and deploy Service Cloud customizations such as configurations, custom applications and AppExchange apps.
As a product manager, I find nothing more uplifting than delivering innovative solutions that help address customer problems. Working with Salesforce technologies helps me do that for contact centres. You will, therefore, find me consulting, advising, speaking, writing and blogging about:

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce DX

Product Management


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With more than 20-years of C-level product leadership experience, I have helped B2B enterprise software startups grow from Angel through to Series B funding rounds. As the executive responsible for bringing innovative new products to market, I have built and led cross-functional product teams consisting of product management, product engineering and product marketing.
As a strong advocate of platform and partner go-to-market strategies, I have always sought to forge technology partnerships to help businesses scale. Recent partners have included Salesforce, AWS, Google and Microsoft.
For the past 8-years, I have focused on creating products that are built on, or integrate with Salesforce. I have brought to market five Salesforce AppExchange apps and two AI platforms, one that integrates with Salesforce to automate customer service and the other to deliver hyper-personalised customer experiences over their marketing, sales and service journeys.


I am currently writing two books for Apress:

● Salesforce Service Cloud Customization using Salesforce DX (due late 2020)
● Salesforce Einstein Bots Development (due early 2021)

Keep an eye on my blog posts to see how they are progressing.




I have been involved with the Salesforce partner ecosystem since 2012, released five apps on Salesforce AppExchange, brought to market an AI platform for customer service automation that integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud and I have my own app on AppExchange. My Trailhead profile can be found here.





Kraytix is the provider of FrontRunner, a 100% native Salesforce lead management app that helps companies build better quality pipelines. It applies a structured approach to sales qualification, using built-in frameworks such as BANT, MEDDIC and SCOTSMAN or custom frameworks tailored to a company's ideal customer profile and qualification criteria. The result is a more effective sales development team, a sales team that wastes less time on poorly qualified leads and increased revenue. To learn more about FrontRunner, please visit our website or our AppExchange listing.

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